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  1. Taha Paksu says:

    @hutzi: no i have no idea about that. can you give me your URL?

  2. hutzi says:

    my whole is layout is always jumping for a short time, when i put the the plugin on my sidebar to display. Any idea, why it happens?

  3. Taha Paksu says:

    @Christer Danmo: Yea the caching system is what everybody wants but i haven’t got any time to work on it. Maybe later. But I dont know when. I started working 4 months ago,nowadays I’m so busy and I don’t know when it’ll end 🙂

  4. hmm.. I`ll have a look at it. Tables do expand auto 😀

    One more question, is it possible to make the plugin cache the images and not sync with every min? My blogg loads like 5-10 times slower than usual when I turn the plugin on :S

  5. Taha Paksu says:

    @Marcin: I think that’s something about your theme’s css file. please be sure if there are any float:left or float:right in your sidebar css.

    @Christer Danmo: Yes Christer I know that situation but I don’t know how to fix that 🙂 Maybe you can specify

  6. Great plugin 😀 Atleast 3-4 times better than the other ones at

    The sad part of it is that I got one bug and one css “bug”, The first bug is that if the songname is to long and take two lines the information about

  7. Marcin says:

    Hi there.

    Great job… But on my site – I cannot display more then 1 records. When I do – the records are not alligned… they are like a cascade…
    Any ideas?

    Best regards

  8. Taha Paksu says:

    @Jeremy Swearingen: Jeremy there’s a way but you need to change the thumbnail source because this script is directly getting the original 50×50 images so there’s a 130×130 option too i think. you should edit the core and find the image links and t

  9. Jeremy Swearingen says:

    Is there a way to make the album art larger? I changed the values in the CSS file to 80 pixels on each side but it resulted in blurry images because I was just scaling up the original 50×50 images. Then I looked in the lastfm.php file in hopes of finding

  10. Joel Goodman says:

    Brilliant. That worked. It does, however still show the user status (subscriber, etc.) and the username no matter what. Which is fine for me… I decided I’d like to show my scrobbled tracks anyway. Gotta do some styling on it though. Thanks!

  11. Taha Paksu says:

    @Joel Goodman: yea there is. but i didnt add that as a variable of the function. maybe i forgot. but you can open lastfm.php and there are the settings at line 18. it looks like :

    [code]$settings = array( “showavatar” => true,

  12. Joel Goodman says:

    Hey Taha,

    The plugin’s come a long way! Thanks for sharing it and for all of your hard work. I’m in the middle of a redesign and I’m hardcoding my sidebars (non-widget enabled). Is there any way to specify in the tag not to show the badge? I really jus

  13. Taha Paksu says:

    @parrulo: it looks great on your site 🙂 thank you for using it 😉

  14. parrulo says:

    Great plugin! Thank you very much! 🙂

  15. Ben says:

    When you disable “Show Badge” option the first track is shown messup up in Internet Explorer. It works perfect in Firefox though.

  16. Now’s working great! I just deactivate it and erase from plugins folder just to re upload and activate.

    There would be great to have a css editor on options page.
    Thanks for this wonderfull plugin!

    I edit css on my style.css from my theme so you ca

  17. @Taha Paksu: No errors at all, I will try to use a previous version, thanks mate!

  18. Taha Paksu says:

    @Alejandro Urrutia Daglio: I dont know what could be happening. If there are any error messages can you please mail to me or write it here? Maybe you should get the old version from if thats working?

  19. Taha Paksu , do you know what can be going on with my problem? Thanks

  20. Kerem says:

    Teşekkür ederim cevapladığın için sorunu hallettim.

  21. Taha Paksu says:

    @Kerem: 2. sıradaki Şarkı ismi uzun geliyodur. CSS ayarlarını bi kontrol et.

  22. Kerem says:

    Abi eklentiyi bayadır kullanıyorum ama 2 gündür dinleme listesinde 2. satır 1. satırın üstüne kayıyor neden kaynaklanabilir acaba?Teşekkürler…

  23. Blackhouse says:

    @Taha Alright I understand, no problems, with a little tinkering I’ve managed to do it myself with a little truncate snippet. It probably isn’t too pretty, but it works 🙂

  24. Hi great plugin, all working fine untill last update (1.0.2) Now isn’t showing recent tracks for, used to work perfect with previous release.

    I’ve checked to be correctly scrobbling to my account


  25. Taha Paksu says:

    @Blackhouse: Sorry I have no time nowadays for updating this plugin. Maybe later..But you can try playing with css and search for how to use the “overflow” property of css. That may be useful for you.

  26. Blackhouse says:


    Could you add an option (or make it default), to truncate very long titles? Really long titles (or artists) really mess up the layout 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Taha Paksu says:

    @gordie: that’s not my script’s fault 🙂 that’s about your server’s php setting. And thank you for this info 🙂

  28. gordie says:

    PS : and I added THIS on the top of the lastfm.php file

    if ($_REQUEST[‘page_id’]!=347) {

    to show it only on page #347.
    I don’t know why; but if (!is_page(‘347’)) does not work.

  29. gordie says:

    @Taha Paksu :
    finally founded what was causing the problem on my blog :
    Your first line in lastfm.php is
    and not
    <?php !!!
    Now it is working fine !


  30. Taha Paksu says:

    @Joel: Yea is a little busy now 🙂 I think the design was better before.

    @Giofilo: Thank you. I’ll fix it in the next release when i have more time to release a new one 🙂 I’m working in a company now and this was a spare time hobby for me 🙂

  31. Giofilo says:

    Great plugin!

    There’s a little problem with XHTML validation: when I put the widget, the W3C system says that there are 10 errors.

    It can be easily fixed adding the “alt” description to logo and closing the “img” tag with a “/” in the file l

  32. Joel says:

    Actually, my install worked fine with 2.6. I’m just now having problems, and blaming it on’s updates. Might want to check out whatever they’re messing with over there.

  33. Taha Paksu says:

    @gordie: I didn’t try the code with wordpress 2.6 yet so maybe they changed the name of that function. I think that’s a fixable thing. Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll look at the code ASAP.

  34. gordie says:

    I confirm, your plugin is broken under WP 2.6 (just out !)

  35. Taha Paksu says:

    @harry: hi, i don’t know what’s causing this but there might be something about wp_head() function. make sure that your theme has it in your header.php file.

  36. harry says:


    i tried to install but i got this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_sidebar_widget() – —————–

    I am using K2 themes…and K2 sidebar widgets…please help me.

  37. gordie says:

    1.0.2, the last one.

  38. Taha Paksu says:

    @gordie: which version gives this error?

  39. gordie says:

    hello, I’m trying the plugin (wordpress 2.6 beta 2) and get this error when activating it :

    syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in F:\web\BENOITGREANT2\blog\wp-content\plugins\lastfm-rps\lastfm.php on line 438

    any solution ?

  40. Taha Paksu says:

    @Éric Senterre: Thats working? And that happens when you didn’t listen to any songs since 4 days.

  41. Hi!

    I just installed this plugin a week ago and I really like this plugin, it works really nice and the output is just perfect!

    But since yesterday, the plugin only tells me : “This user has not played any songs yet.” I don’t know why. FYI, you can

  42. Taha Paksu says:

    @robertneumann: Thanks.

    @Bob S: No I don’t know any like that. Sorry.

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