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Last.fm RPS WordPress Plugin

I’ve completely rewritten the plugin after 8 years, because the code was targeting PHP4 platforms and now it should work with all PHP5+ versions. Still does the same thing: Its a widget plugin which...


jQuery Scrolite Plugin

This plugin appends a vertical scrollbar to any element which you need to limit its dimensions like an image, a div or an ul list etc. This is the initial release of this plugin,...


PHP Animated Gif Resizer

There are many sites that use avatars and sometimes they use animated GIF files. But when it comes to resizing them, it really becomes a pain when your server doesn’t support ImageMagick. So I...


pngfix WordPress Plugin

This plugin uses CSS technique to fix the png image transparency issue and jQuery to apply this script to all of png images shown in the page. The CSS code added by the script...


SimpleXML for PHP4

PHP4 için SimpleXML fonksiyonu ararken diğer yazılmış XML okuyucu classlar dışında pek birşey bulamadım ve en iyisi kendim yazıyım dedim. Nerden başlasam ne etsem derken deneye deneye bu script ortaya çıktı ve PHP5’in simpleXML’i...

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