RPS Wordpress Plugin RPS WordPress Plugin

Note: if you have this error message shown inside the plugin :

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in
on line 120

Please change

$artist = split("_",$string);

on line 120 to

$artist = explode("_",$string);

Description : Its a widget plugin which collects data from Audioscrobbler web services and gets your last listened tracks and their album images. It works in PHP4 platforms and uses my simplexml class to collect data from Audioscrobbler.

Installation : The directory structure should be like this :

 --> wp-plugins/
	|-- lastfm_RPS/
		|-- noart.gif
		|-- simplexml.class.php
		|-- readme.txt
		|-- lastfm.css

Then just activate the plugin, go to Design-Widgets, add the widget where you want, write the username and widget title in the settings and save. That’s all.

Note : If your theme isn’t widget enabled, you can insert this plugin in your sidebar.php file or wherever you want like this :


<?php lastfm_recent_sidebar([username],[songs to show],[timezone diff in seconds],[image position 'left' or 'right'],[The text at bottom of this widget],[enable cache 'true' or 'false'])?>


Download : You can get the latest release here :

Current Version : 1.1

Demo : You can see a working example in the middle sidebar at my homepage 😉

Whats New in Version 0.2?

  • Added option to define how many songs are displayed on the page
  • Seperated css file from code and added new “lastfm.css” file
  • Added different stylesheets to recently played songs
  • Changed the datetime display configuration like “x days y seconds and z minutes ago”
  • Changed the div’s into tables which are more reliable for different themes.
  • If the user hasn’t any wp_head() included in his/her theme’s header.php, this script checks and adds its css itself.

Whats the fixes in Version 0.3?

  • Added a neccessary fix for the time difference between server time and local time.
  • If there is a track played in the player which length is less than 4 minutes ,the script showed two recently listened songs, so this is fixed now.It only displays one.

Whats new in Version 0.4?

  • Added support for not widget-ready themes.
  • Added Screenshot
  • Updated Readme.txt

Whats the fixes in Version 0.5?

  • When no songs played for a long time or only played only one song, this script raised errors. This is fixed now.
  • Optimized the SimpleXML Extension for speed issues.

What’s added in v0.6?

  • Improved checking of album images.
  • If the feed item contains no album name, then directly shows default image.

What’s New in v0.7?

  • Added image positioning
  • Added optional Bottom Text
  • Removed the slashes before ‘ and “
  • Converted tables to css so you have all the control in lastfm.css
  • Added artist images support. Now it shows artist images when it can’t find the album image.

The changes in 0.8

  • Added Various Artists album image support
  • Added badge option
  • Improved options page
  • Added logos (you should use one)

The changes in 1.0.0

  • Added cURL and fopen support

The minor changes in 1.0.2

  • Added security to file reading function inside class.

The changes in 1.0.3

  • Empty images show up as image placeholders now.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with wordpress 2.7 (Their compat.php broke one of my function and i renamed it.)
  • Thanks to Tom for informing me that started to use 64×64 images instead of 50×50. Thats also changed.

The changes in 1.1

  • Added caching support
  • Changed API v1.0 code to v2.0 code
  • Fixed “Now Playing” code