Installing SASS on Windows

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In this post, I introduced some of the powers of SASS language, and I left the rest of the exploration to you, because I didn’t really go deep yet. But first you need to install it on your system to use it of course.

In their website, they explained how to install it on Linux and MacOS, and mentioned how to install on a Windows system but i needed to figure it out because before that, I never had a relationship with Ruby. And lucky me(!), SASS uses Ruby to operate.

Let me explain what I did.

First get the latest Ruby installer here :

Second, double click and start the installation, accept the licence agreement, and on the second page, check all of the checkboxes and click Install.

When the installation finishes, open a Command Prompt window (Win+R then type “cmd” and press enter)

Then type this:

ruby -S gem install sass

and wait for the script to install SASS. (It feels like using apt-get or yum :P). when you finish installing SASS, type this:

sass --help

and if you see a list of parameters and explanations, then your SASS is ready to be used.


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