Fit Cufon texts to its container

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Well, I ran into a situation that my design messed up when the cufon title width passed it’s container width, so I needed to lower the font-size automatically to make it fit into it’s container staying still an one-line title. And I wanted to share here. Here’s the function I wrote:

function Cufon_Fit_Title(element) {
  var TotalWidth = 0;
  element.children().each(function() {
    TotalWidth += $(this).width();
  if (TotalWidth > element.width()) {
    element.css("font-size", parseInt(element.css("font-size")) - 1 + "px");
      parseInt(element.css("padding-bottom")) + 1 + "px"
  } else {
    return true;

And here’s the important part of it, because jQuery’s $(document).ready() function won’t work well with Cufon texts (insert it anywhere in your document body – and don’t forget to change the selector):

Cufon.DOM.ready(function() {

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